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    Post on: July 16, 2018
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    Coin178 knows how to provide the best online casino games that people around the world are waiting for. Although the main goal of website services is in Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Inland, Nicia and Thailand, Coin 178 has gained popularity in many countries around the world. On the website, you will find great quality casino games, not just a popular game, but also with the best payouts and jackpots. This is the reason why people choose Coin178. Coin178 casinos have the best video slots, table games and live casino games such as Baccarat and Blackjack. This is what convinces players to register. This website

    Live baccarat game review and other games of coin178

    History of Coin178

    This is a White Label casino website. ฺ Brand under Lucky89 Casino and Resort is guaranteed that Coin178 is a famous casino and ensures that transactions between the website and players are safe. Legally valid from the Cabinet Office of the Kingdom of Cambodia Coin178 began operations in 2013 and is said to be one of the most reliable online gambling websites. This website is also committed to providing the latest version of casino games with excellent graphics quality and payout features.

    Coin178 casino game

    I knew I was talking about the excellence of Coin178 casinos continuously. But you will understand more easily why it is so by visiting the website You will find many different buttons. Each button is a different type of casino game. Contains video slots, sports bets, Keno and Lotto. These games are fun and unique because they are created in different themes and features. In addition to the games I am talking about, Coin178 is also outstanding in providing live casino games from many software providers.

    Live casino game of the website Consists of table games such as Baccarat, Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and Sic Bo. These games use the dealer who is a real person. It attracts the eye of the player at first sight. Because they are attractive and interesting

    In order to have this great game, Coin178 is supported by software providers that produce many of the best casino games, including Asia Live Tech, HoGaming, Asia Gaming, Playtech, SA Gaming, Bbin, All Bet and Microgaming by Coin178 uses these software provider names to name their live casino rooms. For this reason, various gaming rooms are named Alt casino, Dr. Ho, AG casino, Playtech, SA casino, Bbin casino, All Bet casino, and MG casino.

    In each casino room Provides a variety of live baccarat games including Mini Baccarat, Progressive Baccarat, VIP Baccarat etc.

    In the game of Baccarat, there is a minimum limit of 80 baht and 200,000 baht for the maximum bet amount. On the screen shows the details of the game, such as the player’s balance, the game name and the dealer name. Including the total bet amount of the game In addition, there is a display area for the current bet and the value of the cards that are also opened.


    For the new year, Coin178 has created the latest promotion that will make Coin178 members get full enjoyment. Starting with the recommended bonus up to 100%, up to $ 100, players can request bonuses after referring friends to register with Coin178. This bonus will be effective only when the person referred to has deposited money into his account.

    Other bonuses include bonuses for new members. When making a deposit in your new account, you will receive a 100% bonus up to 100 coins. Finally, a $ 200 monthly bonus promotion. Members can request this bonus after fulfilling the conditions set by the company.

    Live baccarat game review and other games of coin178

    Customer service

    In contact with the customer service department of coin178, there is a contact option specified on the website. All channels are accessible to all. And can use without any difficulties Players can contact the customer service of this casino website via Skype, Line, Yahoo, providing live chat services 24/7 and via email.

    Method of Payment

    The reason coin178 is appreciated as one of the most advanced online casino sites because they allow players to transact using bitcoin, which is the most popular digital currency at present. In addition, players can withdraw money and deposit money in the account via Money transfer, local bank and online banking You can find information about the payment of coin178 on the website.

    Live baccarat game review and other games of coin178


    After experimenting with the coin178 website, I concluded as follows: First, the bank option page on some websites does not respond. Causing me to not be able to see important information used in making a deposit transaction. Second, the website has a very good design and interface, making coin178 interesting. Finally, the casino games of the website are modern and have many types. I played it for a long time.

    Live baccarat game review and other games of coin178